Unmanned Aircraft Customized to Your Industry

AVIDRONE Aerospace brings custom UAS aircraft platforms to life; pushing the limits of endurance, speed, and payload capabilities for your airborne missions.

AVIDRONE’s team of dedicated engineers, fabricators, and designers bring high capability aircraft to lift your payloads higher, faster and farther. Our aircraft are born from a powerful combination of award winning technologies, world-class experience, and practical talent that is a rare combination in the UAS industry. AVIDRONE builds aircraft for your application and specification to be the best solution available.

Delivery Drones

Take logistics to a new level with AVIDRONE's A to B flight technology, record breaking endurance, and weight lifting capabilities.

Heavy Payloads

Air lift anything you can imagine Avidrone's flying platforms that carry 5x the drone's own weight.

Custom Designs

OEM and custom flying machines for any industry and requirement from 1lb to 1000lbs and beyond.

Our Partners