103km Automated Logistics Drone Flight

Nov 7, 2016

Avidrone (AVI) achieved a huge breakthrough in automated logistic delivery drone technology:  continuous 103 km distance non-stop fully automated flight using an electric powered UAV helicopter platform.  This flight mission validated Avidrone's A to B autonomous logistics vehicle technology proving long range flight capability with payloads up to 10lbs.

The flight was conducted with Avidrone custom UAV helicopter EX-182, a 14kg (30lb) logistics payload test vehicle.

Custom high efficiency rotor blades were designed by AVI to increase the flight time and efficiency by 20% over standard rotor blade designs. AVI's proprietary autopilot was used to control the drone, and to monitor its progress throughout the long duration flight.

Drone long distance flight UAV Aerospace Avidrone Avidrone Aerospace drone UAV

Live monitoring of the flight status with Avidrone’s ground station was done with with multiple ground stations and formation flight of manned aircraft flying in formation with Avidrone’s UAV leading the way.

UAV formation flight Avidrone drone UAV formation flight Drone Avidrone

Flight Details:

Total flight time: 1 hour, 23 minutes

Automatic take-off, cruise flight and landing

Average cruising speed: 90 km/h

Total distance travelled: 103 km over ground

Altitude: 280 feet

UAV Drone Avidrone formation flight

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