Avidrone films Darlington Nuclear Generating Station

Sep 16, 2016

Avidrone (AVI) was contracted to obtain aerial videography and still images of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, located near Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, on the north shore of Lake Ontario.  Transport Canada and NAV Canada approval was given to AVI to fly their custom made cinema drone over the live reactors, the cooling tower, various construction sites and far out over the lake.Avidrone Drone Filming Darlington Avidrone Darlington UAV Filming

A single rotor, helicopter type drone, was chosen by AVI to execute the extreme risk flight plan due to its dependability, ability for high speed and stability in the high winds.  This drone's exceptional smoothness was key as to not disturb the video footage from the RED Dragon 6K camera, and cinema grade Sony Zeiss compact prime lens, both provided by the client.  This was done in association with Aerial Cine Media.

Avidrone Darlington commercial Avidrone UAV filming

A few specifications:
Total weight of the cinema drone ready to fly with camera and lens: 47 lbs
Maximum altitude video taken from: 400 ft
Maximum horizontal distance flown off over Lake Ontario: 2,000 ft
Highest speed filming pass: 85 km/h

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