AVIDRONE Aerospace, Canadian Drone Technology Company Announces Strategic Partnership with Japanese Drone Manufacturer PRODRONE

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October 20, 2017

AVIDRONE Aerospace, Canadian Drone Technology Company Announces Strategic Partnership with Japanese Drone
Manufacturer PRODRONE

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WATERLOO-Canada, October 20th, 2017 - AVIDRONE Aerospace Incorporated is pleased to announce that it has secured investment, and formed a business alliance with Japanese professional drone manufacturer, PRODRONE Co. Ltd.

Combining decades of leading UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) research and development, AVIDRONE and PRODRONE will manufacture innovative UAV aircraft and custom autopilot systems, revolutionizing the commercial and industrial markets with new ways to gather data, increase security, and deliver goods.

Through a specially developed industrial autopilot system and drone designs, their products will have the unique capacity to transport items weighing between 0.5kg to over 250kg at speeds approaching 200km/h.  The significant increase in flight performance in both speed and endurance, paired with secure flight control and simple user interface technology, is revolutionary.

“Our collaboration with AVIDRONE Aerospace will allow us to manufacture highly functional, innovative products that have not been available in the marketplace until now.  With AVIDRONE's capabilities, we can respond with solutions allowing customers' special requests to become possible" explains Mr. Kono, CEO of PRODRONE.

"Our extensive R&D and aviation background allowed us to create the most advanced flight control and helicopter UAV designs.  We're offering something no one has seen before" says Scott Grey, CEO of AVIDRONE Aerospace.  "Our new partnership with PRODRONE extends our brand globally; we're thrilled".

The partnership and new products were announced at the InterDrone 2017 Expo held in Las Vegas, USA, September 6-8, 2017.


About AVIDRONE Aerospace Incorporated

AVIDRONE Aerospace, founded in 2007 by world-class UAV pilot Scott Gray, is an industrial and military grade engineering and manufacturing company.  A producer of small and large commercial drones, AVIDRONE provides revolutionary and effective aerial systems.  AVIDRONE adapts its secure, proprietary autopilot technologies and drone designs to your airborne mission, combining natural and accurate flight dynamics based on manned aviation flight paths and guidance systems.

AVIDRONE offers new capabilities to your industry with task-specific drones and systems enabling even the most challenging heavy lift, long endurance, and delivery missions, globally.



PRODRONE, a B2B company, is considered one of the world’s top manufacturer of industrial drone systems. PRODRONE provides its customers a complete one-stop service and supply of industrial drones, including investigation and consulting, development design, demanding control software, customized service application, and manufacturing mass-production.

“Innovative commercial grade platforms, custom engineered for your specific tasks and applications”, is the vision at PRODRONE. PRODRONE is developing and manufacturing revolutionary drones for the world with PRODRONE core technologies.



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