Avidrone UAVs acquire data for Georgia Tech Research Institute

May 25, 2017

Avidrone Aerospace (AVI) acquired acoustics data for Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) using custom tandem and single rotor UAVs.

Avidrone-UAV-Drone  Avidrone-UAV

GTRI chose Avidrone platforms due to their exceptionally quiet and consistent noise signature for the experiments. The weight and acoustics sensitivity of their microphone array payload was easily accommodated. AVI's proprietary flight control system was also preferred on this experiment for its consistent position holding ability in variable weather conditions, while accommodating GTRI's data acquisition tether.

Drone-tether-Avidrone  Drone-payload-Avidrone

Throughout the week, AVI's drones collected specific noise signatures from both tandem and single rotor UAVs, firearms and explosion sound signatures at various altitudes. This experiment was performed in association with DPI UAV Systems.

Tandem-payload-Avidrone  Drone-Explosion-Avidrone


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