Your Vision, Our Creation.

We design and manufacture fully automated unmanned industrial drone systems. Our custom drones can carry goods, sensors, collect data, images, and lift virtually any package or payload.  A complete end-to-end system that is fully proprietary focused on heavy lifting, long endurance and delivery missions guided by our in-house developed autopilot electronics and flight control software.

We are unique in the drone industry as a B2B company specifically catering our products to customers’ needs and requirements.  We build custom drones for industrial, defense and commercial applications.  Our vast experience in the engineering and manufacturing world allows us to craft a UAV complete to your specifications, including: drone airframes, payload integrations, electronic systems, proprietary autopilot flight control, voltage regulators, radio control systems, and RF data links.

AVIDRONE is an expert in many forms of UAV technologies:

  • Flight Control Autopilot
  • Multirotor VTOL Drones of 4,6 and 8 Rotor Configurations
  • Single Rotor VTOL 55lb UAV Helicopter Platforms
  • Tandem Rotor VTOL 20-100lb Variant Helicopter Platforms
  • Propulsion Systems

Scott Gray – CEO AVIDRONE Aerospace Inc.

Innovator, entrepreneur, inventor, and champion pilot with 23 National Titles and World Championship medals, a world renown designer and demonstrator of remote control technology.  Commercial airplane pilot and aircraft owner.  Over 15 years of Engineering and Product Development in medical, industrial and aerospace markets.

Strategic Partnerships


AVIDRONE is pleased to be an exclusive partner with PRODRONE Japan and PRODRONE USA to offer a full line of industrial drone platforms for unlimited types of applications.  AVIDRONE is the exclusive distributor of PRODRONE products in Canada and reseller in other global regions.  Together, we combine an elite development team and manufacturing capabilities with over 30 years of UAV technology experience.


DPI UAV Systems USA, and AVIDRONE have a long history since 2013 developing specialized UAV designs, prototype aircraft, and demonstrators for military and industrial applications.  AVIDRONE provides its very own customized flight control and autopilot systems for DPI’s DP-14 900lb tandem rotor vehicles.



Waterloo wellington flight center

Waterloo Wellington Flight Center is one of Canada’s largest and top rated professional flight schools.  AVIDRONE has teamed up with WWFC as exclusive drone and UAV training partner, providing an industry leading drone operator certification course.  AVIDRONE adds its experience in the drone industry with hands-on drone education, demonstration flights, and regulatory instruction.


Fully private and secure drone operations globally are now possible by combining AVIDRONE’s flight control and Cicer One’s secure information management system.  Now, critical information about how corporations, government agencies, and industrial users of drones manage their data collected by UAS are kept fully private and secure.  Drone operators will own and control their mission data, keeping sensitive information out of the hands of third party service providers.  Contact us for more information.