Empower your industry with AVIDRONE aerial systems

Realize the benefits of using drones in your business by increasing productivity, heightening safety measures, and innovating over traditional methods.  Avidrone offers a complete lineup of outstanding automated aircraft that are easy to use, fully customizable,
and engineered to your mission.

Our cutting edge industrial drones make your application possible.





We understand you have specific requirements in mind. Knowing what is possible along with an instinctive ability to innovate, our engineering team becomes yours to create a commercial grade flying system.  From micro drones to 1,000lb aircraft, no challenge is too great.


Avidrone Tandem drone


The ultimate package delivery drone system.  Fly cargo over 120km, lift 25kg of goods, at speeds over 100km/h with the Avidrone 210T tandem logistics drone.  Combining vertical takeoff and landings anywhere with ultra-high efficiency cruising flight, the 210T will out-fly multirotor drones by 5x with more versatility than fixed wing UAVs.  Powered by Avidrone flight control system, the 210T flies A to B missions carrying impressive payloads beyond line of sight and back again with ease.

Technical Information
Max Speed: 70 mph
Total Gross Weight: 98 lbs
Max Cargo: 45 lbs
Max Runtime: 60 minutes

Avidrone Helicopter Drone


Proven in 1000’s of commercial missions without fail, this high performance heavy-lifting fully automated helicopter outperforms the traditional drone in all categories.  Silent electric propulsion and ultra-high efficiency design allow the AVI-180 to cover 100km of range at speeds up to 120km/h.  Configure payloads for any mission and payload up to 15kg.

Technical Information
Max Speed: 70 mph
Total Gross Weight: 50 lbs
Max Cargo: 25 lbs
Max Runtime: 60 minutes

Escort F4

Stealthy, collapsible, and virtually silent; the ultimate live-video streaming recon drone.  From backpack to airborne in 2- minutes, the Escort F4 enables a live view of the surroundings practically unnoticed.  Eye in the sky intel for surveillance, public safety, and defense missions where security is paramount.

Technical Information
Max Speed: 30 mph
Total gross weight 5.7 lbs
Max Cargo: Live downlink and onboard camera - 1.75 lbs
Max Runtime: 45 minutes


Tandem rotor advantages in a compact airframe enable medium range automated logistics and custom sensor payloads.  The E6T lifts 4x its own weight, while capable of flying at speeds exceeding 90km/h makes this vertical takeoff and landing drone truly unique in the industry.  Customize for long range or heavy lifting with AVI’s full automatic flight and unlimited waypoint missions locally or beyond line of sight.

Technical Information
Max Speed: 50 mph
Total Gross Weight: 24.5 lbs
Max Cargo: 15 lbs
Max Runtime: 60 minutes







Prodrone Avidrone Sprayer Agriculture drone

SkymatiX X-F1

This drone is the perfect for Crop Spraying applications. PRODRONE developed the SkymatiX X-F1 for their business in agriculture, and supplies X-F1 as an ODM product. It is a waterproof model, and capable of spraying 10 L of agricultural chemicals with very high function and high stability.

Technical Information
Max Speed: 37.3 mph
Total Gross Weight: 51.1 lbs
Max Cargo: 10L fluid
Max Runtime: 25 mins
Avidrone Prodrone Droria gripper drone


Utilizing the proven PD6B-AW platform, and the addition of 2 articulated robotic arms, the PD6B-AW-ARM is able to perform a multitude of unique tasks and purposes. Weather it’s collecting, placing, moving, dropping, or transporting, the PRODRONE PD6B-AW-ARM’s uses are simply limitless.

Technical Information
Max Speed: 37.3 mph
Total Empty Weight: 75 lbs
Max Cargo: 30 lbs
Max Runtime: 20 mins

If you require a platform capable of precise ceiling, wall, and other flat surface inspections, the Prodrone PD6-CI-L is the platform you have been looking for. Utilizing ducted fan technologies, the PD6-CI-L is able to firmly connect with and navigate ceilings, walls, other surfaces, and can accurately map and inspect these area.

Technical Information
Max Speed: 12 mph
Total Empty Weight: 17.6 lbs
Max Cargo: Inspection camera - 4.4 lbs
Max Runtime: 10 mins