To lead the transformation of global autonomous delivery by connecting people and goods through advanced, innovative, state-of-the-art aircraft technology that reflects our commitment to safety, quality, and research.


Since 2007, Avidrone Aerospace has been providing governments, defense, and commercial organizations with innovative, state-of-the-art, unmanned aircraft. As specialists in aerial cargo delivery technologies and sensor payloads, Avidrone brings cost-saving and innovative solutions to new applications across the globe. Created and led by world-renowned aviation experts and technology innovators, Avidrone develops and manufactures automated unmanned aircraft systems and products, ranging from small UAVs to rotorcraft over 1,000lbs, that will exceed expectations through full-control-of-airframe design and flight control software.

From Liftoff to New Heights

The Evolution of Avidrone Aerospace

Meet the Founder

CEO: Scott Gray

Founder and CEO, Scott Gray, is a lifetime inventor, world-champion aviator, innovator, and entrepreneur with an education in mechanical engineering and commercial aviation. With over 20 years of experience in product development for medical, industrial, and aerospace fields, he has combined his life-long passions for aviation and business to create and lead innovative high-tech aerospace product development including unmanned aerial vehicle development, manufacture, and innovation in the emerging industry of drones and aerial robotics.

Scott and his team at Avidrone have pushed the boundaries of unmanned aircraft flight. Active in the unmanned aerial systems industry, Scott has gained significant experience in UAV operations in real-life commercial scenarios. He has performed hundreds of commercial drone flight services for film and cinema productions, instructed commercial unmanned aviation flight schools, and been professionally sponsored to compete in over 100 remote-control technology competitions. His namesake designs, such as the Scott Gray Vibe90SG nitro engine powered r/c helicopter, have a global reputation for excellence, and Scott has continued this reputation through expansion of Avidrone’s global products and applications to produce the most innovative self-flying aircraft in the world.

Meet the Leadership Team

Vice President of Sales: Andy Buck

Vice President of Sales, Andy Buck, is an electronics engineering professional and certified Advanced sUAS pilot with over 18 years of experience in high-tech industrial and UAV sales and 10 years of experience in UAV markets onboarding resellers. His sales expertise in complex environments helps customers apply practical robotics technology solutions to meet their business needs.

Senior Manager of Engineering & Manufacturing: Albert Pegg

Senior Manager of Engineering & Manufacturing, Albert Pegg, has over 18 years of experience in mechanical design, with a specialized focus on consumer electronics and UAV product design and development. He excels in leading and managing advanced teams, guiding project applications across various high-tech industrial markets. A testament to his innovative capabilities, Pegg has been granted over 40 US patents.

Senior Manager of Software Development: Greg Toombs

Senior Manager of Software Development, Greg Toombs, has extensive experience in academia, private and public R&D, military, government, and commercial engineering leadership. With formal methods from his M.Sc., he enhances system design quality, analysis, and safety. Greg builds teams that balance internal and external feature and quality goals, collaborating with stakeholders to advance aircraft technology.

How Avidrone Works

Avidrone is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for advanced unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), providing tailored aerial delivery systems and applications to end users and operators globally. From system selection to after-sales support, we are here to ensure your operations are a success.


Avidrone works with regional partners to expand go-to-market capabilities and enhance in-country support and training. If you are interested in working with Avidrone to offer our products in your market, please reach out through our Contact page. We welcome the opportunity to discuss opportunities to collaborate.


Avidrone provides class-leading cargo systems for autonomous logistics and integration options to enhance capabilities such as sensor payloads, custom radios, fleet control software, and more. Contact us today to become part of our integrator network.

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