Drone School at Waterloo Wellington Flight Center

May 27, 2017

Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre (WWFC), located at Waterloo Regional airport, provides a both theoretical and practical training course on the responsible use of drones in a commercial and/or industrial setting. Usually occuring once every month, sometimes twice a month, Avidrone (AVI) provides a live demonstration on the use of drones and offers their wealth of expertise and experience in the field, to the WWFC students.

WWFC can also provide a tailored drone use course to a group of industry professionals, such as fire fighters, law enforcement, geo-mapping/charting, and inspection firms, just to name a few. AVI remains as the practical demonstration team during these custom made courses.

For more information on signing up to take the course, or request a specific group course, please see the WWFC website using this link.


Drone school UAV Aerospace Training Avidrone Drone school UAV Avidrone

Drone school Aerospace training UAV Avidrone

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